Video panoramas

video panoramas = panoramic video

Panoramic video is a video in panoramic format where a 360° view is recorded on one image. Consequently, spherical video is a video with the horizontal view of 360° and vertical view of 180°. This means that with spherical video a full sphere is recorded as a series of images in 2:1 (360°x180°) format and subsequently a tripod is also recorded in such a video. In contrast to panoramas created in different locations, panoramic video cameras record everything that can be seen – even whilst moving a spherical camera along a path – for example walking down a street or a mountain footpath. In order to give the user an opportunity to see the recording, the spherical video should be played in panoramic viewers rather than in the format of 2:1, because of the navigational benefits of spherical video.

Panoramic viewers

Lucid Viewer and KrPano are two panoramic viewers that have been tested in the presentation of the panoramic video which is a processor-demanding task for a computer. Both panoramic viewers can display spherical still and video panoramas. By coding in XML (programming language) it is possible to extend panoramas by adding 3D objects or movies that can lead to generation enriched interactive narratives, based on both high resolution still panoramas and also video panoramas.

Example of panoramic video from Virtual Surfers displayed in KrPano

Example of panoramic video from Meikle Wood displayed in Lucid Viewer

Ladybug 2 - spherical video camera

Ladybug 2 - a spherical video camera [image from]Ladybug 2 will be used to record panoramas and to create innovative panoramic movies. The camera is currently being tested in many different locations and situations.

The highly affordable Ladybug®2 spherical digital video camera system has six 0.8 MP cameras that enable the system to collect video from more than 75% of the full sphere, and an IEEE-1394b interface that allows streaming to disk at 30fps. The Ladybug2 is an excellent choice where smaller size, lower cost, or the ability to have the camera run over long distances via optical cable is required. [from]

Video panorama from Charles Church in Plymouth

This kind of panoramic video could present the process that surrounds the viewer.

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